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Empowering Communities Lives


Soil, Water & Environmental Conservation Foundation at a Glance

Soil, Water & Environmental Conservation Foundation (SWECF Kenya) is an NGO based in Mwingi, Kenya. SWECF was established in 2018 by the founder Victor Mutuku Mutunga operating mostly within Northern & Eastern (arid & semi arid) Kenya. We began by establishing environmental conservation and water development programs in Mwingi, Kitui county and northern regions of Kenya in collaboration with the local communities and other partners in respective villages. We support local community initiatives and empower them in their efforts to fight poverty and access basic services.


SWECF Kenya 2020 Presentation

This presentation details our vision and mission for the organisation. It also shows a review of our 2020 programme including Kanyunga Sand Dam & School Garden projects.

SWECF Presentation Image .jpg

Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute to the long term sustainable development of rural communities across Northern and Eastern Kenya. Our vision aims at reducing poverty and water scarcity alongside developing environmental conservation initiatives. SWECF pursues this by; Actively entering into partnership with women groups, youth groups and self help groups involved in community development. It focuses on projects at community level addressing food security, water, environmental management and Christianity.

Sand Dams, Shallow Wells & Borehole Development

Securing water supplies for long term sustainability


Afforestation Programmes

Combating climate change whilst conserving soil and water


Environmental Education

Helping educate communities in all matters of the environment


Empowering communities lives, now and for future generations



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